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Case Studies

Bringing about impact: what leads to successful adoption and practice change?

At AgResearch, we want our stakeholders and end users use our R&D outputs (e.g papers, workshops, products etc) to bring about positive outcomes for New Zealand. But although great science, and professional outputs of that science, are important pre-requisites for achieving impact, on their own they are often insufficient. For example, if no-one reads a journal publication, or uses a decision support tool – however well put together it may be – then practice change is unlikely to occur. So we’ve studied past and present projects to determine the factors that lead to successful impact of a project.

These case studies show that the following principles are more likely to lead to the successful impact of a project:

  1. Take a problem focus
  2. Understand your next and end users
  3. Alignment of needs
  4. The right team
  5. Involve stakeholders in implementing solutions
  6. Action learning (plan-do-observe-reflect)
  7. Front up: share results early and often

You can read more about these case studies here:

How we did the case studies

Methodology and Diagnostic tool.

Tools to assist with planning for success.


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