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How Characteristics of a Project Influence the Role of Reflexive Monitor

The figure below was created during a workshop with Reflexive Monitors in the Primary Innovation programme. It was designed to provide understanding on the characteristics of a project and its participants which influence the role and the level of control a Reflexive Monitor has in influencing these project characteristics.

Influences which are located closer to the centre of the bull's-eye are those which a reflexive monitor has more control of influencing. These include the relationship with the project manager, having a support network, and experience as a facilitator.

The further outside the bull's-eye the less influence a reflexive monitor has in impacting these influences. In fact these characteristics will influence how the Reflexive Monitor does their job.

​Bull's-eye of influence of a reflexive monitor


Not all characteristics identified above have the same level of influence on the Reflexive Monitor role as others. Based on the views of Reflexive Monitor’s the most important characteristics for the role were:

  • Personal skills
  • Relationship with project manager
  • Having a support network
  • Having a clear job description
  • Having freedom to experiment
  • The expectations of the reflexive monitor role by the project team

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