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Data Collection

The primary focus of the data collected by the reflexive monitor is to progress the group towards achieving their change ambition.  As a consequence, the data gathered by the reflexive monitor, via observation and conversations at meetings, feedback sheets, project meetings, and team reflections is synthesised quickly by the reflexive monitor and used to either direct the project team during meetings or provided to the project team to inform future decisions. In accordance with action learning approaches, the preliminary analysis is used to guide process and conversations.
The type and method of data collection needs to meet the objectives of the project as well as the innovation project monitoring and evaluation plan.  In addition, it is necessary to collect data to track the project as it evolves.  The nature of the data collected has been designed to provide triangulation through multiple lines of evidence to support the analysis.  In addition to providing evidence to inform Reflexive Monitoring activities and project team decisions it also generates for longitudinal data sets to monitor impact over the length of the project.  Finally, it allows for the evolution of the project to be recorded as it occurs rather than in retrospect.

Data Collection Options:


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