The development of the Beyond Results website came about as a result of an AgResearch strategy.


AgResearch’s Adoption and Practice Change Roadmap

In May 2013 the AgResearch Board signed off the Adoption and Practice Change Roadmap. The Roadmap emphasised the importance of good adoption and practice change practice embedded in AgResearch in order to deliver impact to the pastoral sector including:

  • developing a focus on impact of research through the use of case studies and the development of planning tools
  • building capability in monitoring and evaluation
  • identifying key skills and competencies including the development of the innovation brokering function
  • supporting the role of advisory groups to bring about practice change.


What is meant by Adoption and Practice Change?

Adoption and Practice Change is about thinking beyond the product or output of research and more about the impact it will have – who will adopt it, what changes will be made as a result and how we measure those changes? It involves understanding the roles of individuals and organisations who can bring about change and involving them throughout the life of the project.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach: for a simple technology or issue, a straightforward technology transfer approach may be appropriate. However, for complex issues - where there are many parts to a problem and solution and there are no clear benefits from change - a co-innovation approach may be more relevant. This will involve a number of stakeholders working together in the design and implementation of research.

Find out more about the co-innovation approach in the Primary Innovation section.

 Adoption to co innovation