Transdisciplinary Research

A checklist for conducting transdisciplinary research projects

The checklist is designed to assist participants (scientists and other stakeholder participants) to conduct and manage transdisciplinary research projects.

We define the terms ‘interdisciplinary’ and ‘transdisciplinary’ based on definitions proposed by Tress, Tress and Fry. (2005, p.17):

Interdisciplinary studies are “…projects that involve several unrelated academic disciplines in a way that forces them to cross subject boundaries to create new knowledge and theory and solve a common research goal”

Transdisciplinary studies are “…projects that both integrate academic researchers from different unrelated disciplines and non-academic participants, such as land managers and the public, to research a common goal and create new knowledge and theory. Transdisciplinarity combines interdisciplinarity with a participative approach”.
Typically, transdisciplinary research is used to address and seek solutions for complex real-world problems, sometimes referred to as ‘wicked problems’.



Background to Transdisciplinary Research Checklist

Transdisciplinary Research Checklist