Background to Beyond Results - from impact focus to transformation

The development of the Beyond Results website came about as a result of an AgResearch strategy called the Adoption and Practice Change Roadmap


The original tools and approaches on the site were designed to address the question: how can we achieve better impact from our research? You can discover our suite of impact tools in the Impact Tools section.


We suggested that there was no one-size-fits-all approach: for a simple technology or issue, a straightforward technology transfer approach may be appropriate. However, for complex issues - where there are many parts to a problem and solution and there are no clear benefits from change - a co-innovation approach may be more relevant. This will involve a number of stakeholders working together in the design and implementation of research.


Find out more about the co-innovation approach in the Primary Innovation section.




Over the past few years, our work has shifted to addressing more complex issues. While the Beyond Results principles and approaches are still very much part of this, we have been trialing more emergent practices for science including incorporating design and futures thinking.  We have also been drawing on the research and practice around sustainability transitions, transformative innovation practice, mission-led innovation and responsible research and innovation. The T-Platform toolkit is our response to these approaches – adapted to be used within an agricultural research organisation within Aotearoa, although we hope will be useful much more widely. We will continue to build and expand this tool kit, and look forward to your feedback and ideas.