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Every webinar is recorded and posted on our YouTube Channel.


Past webinars

Cross-case study analysis of innovation projects from a Social Return Investment perspective

By Neels Botha

Nutrient Mananagement Case Study
Ina Pinxterhuis and Paul Edwards from DairyNZ provide an overview of one of the innovation projects within Primary Innovation. This is a chance to get a more detailed update on what’s happening with the nutrient management innovation project.
Different roles for researchers in co-innovation
Watch the below presentation titled "Different roles for researchers in co-innovation" by Laurens Klerkx, Wageningen University.
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Using co-innovation to increase the adoption and use of new ideas

James Turner from AgResearch and the Primary Innovation project shares insights in this webinar recording on:

• what co-innovation means,
• how to incorporate co-innovation concepts to tackle complex problems,
• some agricultural case-studies, and
• an analysis of the economic benefits

Jump over to the High Impact Learning website to watch the webinar recording and download the presentation slides. This webinar was delivered as part of the High Impact Training webinar series (https://www.enablersofchange.com.au/).