Index of Content

This index lists the guides, tools, and case studies that can be found in the T-Platform toolkit.


Contextual Awareness - definition and tools

Involve and Integrate Diverse Participants and Knowledge - definition and tools

Multi-Level Perspective Explanation

Needs and Provides Matrix - Guide

Needs and Provides Matrix - Template

Process Coaching

Reflection Processes

Reflection Processes - Example questions for review meetings

Stakeholder Analysis -  Tools

Stakeholder Analysis - How to get started 

Stakeholder Analysis - System-inspired Workshop Runsheet

Stakeholder Analysis - System-inspired Workshop Templates

T-Platform Introduction

Uncertainty and Emerging Situations - when may encounter, approaches and tools

Visioning and Backcasting - An introduction

Visioning and backcasting - Workshop 'How to' guide

Visioning and backcasting - Workshop runsheet 

Workshops - 'How to' Guide

Workshops - 'How to' Infographic