Observations and interviews

Observations and meeting notes

This includes physical observations, quotes, and general notes on the content of discussions. The purpose of this data collection has been to understand and record participants’ perceptions of process, position, attitudes, drivers, understanding and influence on the innovation system, organisational culture and willingness to engage with the debate, motivation to change practices. Whenever possible information is collected as quotes.


Informal conversations and unstructured short interviews

Short informal conversations or unstructured interview questions occur to:

  1. Clarify a perspective or position noted in a meeting

  2. Further identify/explore drivers for a particular action or reason behind comments

  3. Obtain feedback on meeting process or intervention.

These questions would normally occur during conversation in a social setting (i.e., meal or drink breaks) and follow the principles of facilitative questioning.

Conversations may not be recorded but will be noted in the Reflexive Monitor’s meeting minutes, participants will need to give informed consent for the data to be used.