​Types of Advisory Groups

The different types of advisory groups are: sector-, stakeholder-, governance- and science-based advisory groups (groups may be funded or non-funded, external or internal).


Funder-Based Advisory Groups

Funder-based advisory groups tend to be very positive and believe very strongly in the reasons behind the project and have a vested interest in keeping the science relevant and implementable. Some may be there to protect their investment in the project, particularly if there are multiple funders. Interactions tend to be built into the project and don’t incur a formal cost to AgResearch. If AgResearch has become a trusted supplier, these can create stable funding environments and beneficial two way communication.


Sector-Based Advisory Groups

Sector-based advisory groups are sometimes set up separately from AgResearch and not aligned to a specific project, purpose is to look after the interests of a specific sector.


Science-Based Advisory Groups

Science-based advisory groups (small category of advisory groups) include arrangements such as our AgResearch Science Advisory Panel for the Board or forums for formal advice from colleagues in other teams or collaborators, purpose is to check the details of project plans and trial designs. Important to have scientists in a similar research area on the panel to avoid difficulties such as technical jargon and/or misunderstandings/differences in approaches.


Stakeholder-Based Advisory Groups

Stakeholder-based advisory groups often contain, in addition to funders, a range of interested parties (e.g. local councils, Maori representatives, farmers etc.). Stakeholders listed to support funding are not necessarily suitable for an advisory group.