Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to Beyond Results.

The New Zealand agri-food sector, and society in general, is responding to complex societal and environmental challenges such as climate change and food sovereignty. These challenges cannot be remedied by one solution or technology alone – instead multiple organisations and individuals, involved in big picture strategy, practical food production, and everything in between, need to collaborate to discover and implement solutions together.


Beyond Results is AgResearch's response to providing ‘how to’ for planning and delivering research that delivers impact and addresses complex challenges.


When we first built Beyond Results we started by asking: how can we achieve better impact from our research for those who use it?


We developed tools and approaches for that question, including key success principles for impact. In our organisation, many of these initial tools for impact have now become used routinely in the design and development of our research.


Alongside our work on impact, we also researched what a co-innovation approach for New Zealand could look like. In Primary Innovation, we outline what this research programme involved and the main findings. 


We are now looking to new horizons, and have developed a toolkit for designing and delivering transformative and transdisciplinary research programmes. The T-Platform Toolkit includes tools and approaches that we have used and adapted for the New Zealand and AgResearch context.


This work is being done as part of the T-Platform, a programme to support capacity for transformative and transdisciplinary research amongst AgResearch researchers and our partners.