Project Phases 

Which stage are you at in your project? For each phase, we have identified outcomes that may be needed and helpful resources. Visit the phase pages for more details.


Project Phase

May be relevant if you are:

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01 Idea Development


Developing a concept, putting a proposal together, needing to develop awareness of context or define the problem to address, clarifying who to involve

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02 Establishment  


Getting an approved project started, refining your focus and activities, identifying who else needs to be involved, establishing a shared vision, developing a strategy

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03 Conducting and Reviewing Activities 


Reflecting on and refining your process and outputs, keeping people informed and engaged

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04 Concluding 


Summarising results, capturing lessons from the process, sharing results

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05 Bringing Project Lessons to Next Project or Phase

Starting a new project that builds on previous work, using lessons from previous processes