02 Establishment 


The proposal for your great idea has been approved. You have a research plan, a team of people to make it happen, and a lot of enthusiasm. Where to next? Obviously you need to start doing the activities you promised, but you may also want to consider some other important things at this stage:

  • Do any of your activities and focus need to be further refined?
  • Do you need a strategy to guide your current and future direction?
  • If your project team is new to working together, how do you get them working together well?
    • Would your team or project benefit from forming a shared vision?
    • How do you develop good relationships with stakeholders?
  • Is there anyone else, in your organisation or outside, that needs to be involved?
  • How are you going to keep strong lines of communication within your project team and with others connected to or interested in your project?
  • How will you know if activities in the programme and the programme as a whole are achieving the desired outcomes?

 We have some resources that may help you with: