Process Coaching

Who is it for: Programme leaders, people supporting programme design process, people guiding project processes.

When to use process coaching: Establishment phase; during the body of project; when needing to navigate uncertainty in complex projects and spaces.




Does your project need a process coach?

Is your project struggling to keep sight of the bigger picture during the project? Do you have plans for new ways of working but quickly end up back in your normal processes? Does the complexity of perspectives within your project challenge your ability to make progress?

Getting a process coach to work with your team or programme may help address some of these areas. They may be able to:

  • Ask reflective questions to assist with keeping the bigger picture in view
  • Challenge your team to consider practices and why they are returning to old routines
  • Identify tensions and roadblocks in a team or project
  • Surface tensions and roadblocks to enable discussion and progress.


What is a process coach?

A process coach may be someone with specialist skills and training in a process like agile, who is able to mentor and support your team or programme to apply this. However, they may also be someone in your project or organisation who is happy to learn about a relevant process and challenge the team to apply it effectively. 


It is helpful if a process coach is embedded in the relevant project, so they know what is happening. However, it may be most helpful if the process coach role is their main role in the project, so they are able to have a degree of detachment.

One form of process coaching is reflexive monitoring. You can read more about what this involves and requires on these pages: